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Creative ways to get the most out of your students

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Creative ways to challenge your children Creative ways to challenge your children

These days teachers are taking alternate routes to get the most out of their students with kids facing so many distractions in school it can be hard to keep their minds on track. However, studies have proven that outdoor activities can help kids focus, have better sleep and in-turn retain information better. Not to mention a little exercise can benefit their physical health as well and make them overall more focused and less fidgety in class. But the pros of outdoor school camps don’t stop there. There are still several more ways that your students can benefit from them!


We have the privilege of being surrounded by the beautiful Australian outdoors. The natural environment makes a great setting for learning new things about the place we call home. The diverse camp experiences will support a broader knowledge of the natural elements in ways that benefit both children’s learning and awareness of the surrounding environment around them.

Activities such as archery, bushwalking, canoeing, ropes courses and team initiatives will allow students to experience new things that they could never partake in while stuck in a classroom. The students will not only have fun, but they will also build a sense of community and comradery with their fellow classmates. Almost all activities are done as a group and revolve around team building. Students will learn to work together and improve their teamwork capabilities. This is a skill that they can then bring back into the classroom. Teamwork can be helpful during class projects and assignments but also benefit them later on in life as well.

Not only do school camps enhance physical health but they also improve mental health as well. Students will find a sense of self-confidence while outside rather than trapped in the classroom. Their environment is both new and exciting but our qualified staff make sure that it is also nurturing. The safety and belonging that students will find helps them to reach new levels of independence. A new found self-esteem can translate over to the student’s studies. Confidence outside the classroom can lead to confidence in the classroom.

Outdoor school camps like Outdoor Adventure Company can also lead students to develop a sense of adventure. These new experiences are not normally available to students growing up in the city or suburban areas. Taking advantage of this opportunity because there’s no better chance to learn about nature and develop skills than an outdoor adventure! A positive outdoor education experience can translate to a lifelong awareness of how fun physical exercise can be, and how exciting working together to complete challenging activities can be for kids.

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