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Top Student Camping activities for 2020

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Education often comes first for a lot of parents and when we say education, this usually involves going to school and gaining education through the school curriculum. As much as this is important for the learning and development of all students of young age, it is also highly recommended for students to participate in outdoor adventure activities for physical, social, emotional and mental development.

Whether your children are in primary school, high school or senior school, there are several outdoor activities that are fun, engaging and ones that require skills that would allow them to develop for a lifetime. Here are some top camping activities for 2020 and bit about why they are important!


Bushwalking is probably one of the best activity where you can gain a number of skills and new experiences. Very similar to hiking, bushwalking allows students to experience and appreciate the beautiful nature of the Australian Bush while learning and gaining useful knowledge from our experienced guides. Moreover, simple survival skills will be taught as this can be useful in the long term. Bushwalking isn’t simple and it requires strong physical skills, energy, and motivation and therefore this one recommended activity that could build the base of all students.


Positive energy and teamwork are the perfect definitions for rafting. As fun as it looks, rafting is a challenging task that requires collaborative teamwork skills and contribution from all team members to make sure they don’t fall off the Raft. Nowadays universities and workplaces highly emphasize group work and working in a team with people from different cultures and learning how to adapt to challenging tasks. Rafting plays a huge role in developing these skills for students from a young age to be ready for the working environment in the future and where they can overcome team problems most effectively.


Archery can be considered as a dangerous activity however, this is probably the best activity regarding personal growth and achievement. This activity requires a high level of focus, concentration, patience, strength, and control. Focus, concentration and patience, for instance, can help children cope when dealing with high pressure or stressful environment. Archery also helps with confidence building as you are challenging yourself to aim for the right target. Moreover, the activity requires a high level of strength and coordination of body which in the long run allows children to have better control of their body.

Campfire at night and Campfire Cooking 

Camping allows students to experience a different way of living while enjoying the beautiful Australian natural environment. Although it may be tough, it allows students to enjoy spending time with friends, sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows and sharing ghost stories. Some benefits of camping include the chance to learn about science in a real environment, learn basic survival and fire safety skills, learn how to manage risk and how to take care yourself and one another.

These are just some of the top basic outdoor activities that could benefit and help prepare Australian students for the future role. For more information about outdoor adventure activities, contact us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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