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5 Reasons Outdoor Adventures are Good for Children

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Outdoor Adventures provides fresh air and space for children to play freely and provide a stimulus for children to explore their creative side, make new friends and encourage them to communicate and experience new and exciting adventures that can provide a great sense of joy and growth for children.

Here are 5 reasons why Outdoor Adventures are good for Children.

  1. Healthy Children

With a rise in obesity in recent years, it’s become even more important for children to be living a healthy lifestyle and an important part of that is being outside and exercising. Outdoor Adventures is an effective way to incorporate fun activities, exercise and fun to give children the exercise they need while enveloping that in a fun experience for the children.

  1. Increases Happiness

With an increase in exercise due to outdoor activities such as playing, running, jumping and laughing comes an increase in endorphins which is a chemical in which is released to make you feel good when exercising. This chemical will improve the mood and demeanour of a child and will reinforce in the child that exercising and adventures are a positive and beneficial experience for them.

  1. Improves Motor Skills

Children with free space to run, jump, climb and dig allows them to test their limits which are controlled only by their imagination. A child’s choice to dig helps build those minute motor skills whereas playing on the monkey bars helps hand-eye coordination. Every activity helps develop a portion of a child’s motor skills and by giving them the room and opportunity to explore these skills allows them to grow.

  1. Improved Social Skills

Outdoors is a place which allows children to explore who they are. Kids can be loud, wild and creative and a way in which kids connect and explore their individuality separate from the parents is by experiencing and exploring friendships with other children their age. Kids develop knowledge through trialling and by playing with other kids in a creative environment and allows children to discover how to communicate and be socially prevalent in a new landscape.

  1. Respect for Nature

By introducing nature in all its beauty allows children to gain an appreciation for the significance of the outdoors and connect with it in their unique way. Thus, kids gain a respect for nature and understanding of the impacts of littering or unappreciation for the environment. Once a child appreciates nature, they’ll treat it with respect.


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