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What’s new in adventure school camps today?

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When you think of summer camps you may find yourself reminiscing of your own personal past experiences. Like late night bunk bed chatter, inspiring camp counselors and the special ability camps provide to build team spirit and strong friendships for life, there are some things that never change! But what’s new in adventure school camps today? 

Make your experience ‘yours’

Camp programs can now be tailored to meet unique needs. Whether you’re looking for school camps, leadership training, religious retreats or sports training; summer camps can be catered especially for you in mind.

Camps have always been seen as an opportunity to introduce students to new experiences and challenges however they are now also a fantastic opportunity for open-air adventure and learning. Programs can now complement school curriculums providing students with connections to key learning areas.


Time is your friend

Just like summer, campers come and go. What’s great about school camps is the flexibility you have when deciding on the length of your stay. If it’s for a day trip, a few days, or even a week, school camps can facilitate your needs.


Activities galore

When you think of camp activities what often comes to mind is low ropes, abseiling or canoeing. Camp organisers are now becoming more creative with camping activities. Still keeping the classics; camp programs are now incorporating more diverse and thrilling day and night activities and excursions.


Health Consciousness

With the escalating levels of obesity in schools and its projected implications on our society and health systems, it is important to teach students about healthy eating and living. Camps are now introducing age-specific content within their programs that encourage the learning of nutrition and promotion of healthier lifestyles.

Delivering healthy and fresh catering options along with fostering an interest in physical activity and recreational pursuits, camps can now help facilitate a positive outdoor education experience. In doing so, camps hope that is will translate into lifelong awareness of the benefits of physical exercise and a realisation that physical exertion can be fun.

The benefits of school camp have been founded to be numerous from the development of social skills, development of independence skills, increased environmental awareness and the increase of team-work skills and abilities. The benefits discovered have been numerous and in turn school camps have adapted to be so much more than just time away they’re multi-faceted educational experiences that encourage and teach numerous activities, the love of the outdoors, working with others and other key life skills.

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