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The school camp checklist for every teacher

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The worst thing to do before leaving for a school camp as a teacher is begin running around trying to remember all the different things you may or may not need to keep you going throughout your action-packed camp. No need to panic, we have you covered with a checklist like no other! You will feel prepared, relaxed and ready for anything to be thrown your way.

1. Slip, Slop, Slap. 

UV protection is incredibly important, no matter the time of year in Australia there is always a chance of getting burnt. So, make sure you pack your brimmed hat, a big bottle of 50 + sunscreen and a couple of thin long-sleeved shirts to wear when your canoeing, abseiling or swinging from the high ropes challenge.

2. What shoes to bring?

At camps you're always on the move! Waking up those sleepy students, participating in activities during the day and night, organising eating times, and wrangling the kids to get to sleep - it’s exhausting, and no one has time for blisters or aching feet. Comfort is key, so be sure to pack some comfortable shoes that can keep you going until you finally flop into bed at the end of a long and fun day. Be mindful that some of the activities may incorporate water so to avoid wet and smelly shoes pack a spare pair of water shoes.

3. Snacks galore

It doesn’t hurt to bring along a couple of snacks for either the road trip to the camp or during the night after dinner if you become a little bit peckish. We recommended bringing a snack that is nutritionally dense and will satisfy those current cravings.

4. Do a final run through of camp plans keeping in mind the key learning objectives:

School camps are jam-packed with excitement and fun, and time really does fly! As a teacher, it is important to jog your memory on the key learning objectives that you are trying to achieve at your school camp. In doing a final run through of the camp plans it means you can focus your mindset on the key learning aspects and allow you to hone in on them during the interactive and engaging activities throughout the day.

This will allow students and teachers to have an enjoyable camp experience with the benefits of outdoor learning that can improve students mental and physical health as well as their skill set which they can utilise when they return to the classroom.

5. Let the Fun Begin!

Don’t forget to have fun, take lots of photos and enjoy the experience and time away with your students. It’s a time for making memories and exploring the natural surroundings that The Outdoor Adventure Company has on offer.

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