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A little dirt never hurt anybody

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The side effects of exercising have been proven to increase and improve the efficiency and effectivenesses of our overall wellbeing, physical and mental health. Sometimes all we need to get a little bit muddy, sweaty and feel that slow and intense burn of exercising.  But, what are the benefits of enjoying fitness in the great outdoors?

As of recent, research has revealed that outdoor exercise activities such as those of boot camps and training sessions increase our overall positive outlook on situations as well as our engagement and motivation in not only our work through to our personal lives. The benefits for individuals are immense when it comes to boot camps in the great outdoors. We can all agree with the feeling that we receive from being outside and working up a sweat in our natural environment is something that can not be compared with, it is incredible, to say the least.

Bootcamps and training sessions incorporate the concept of working with a team, and training with similar, like-minded individuals. The team atmosphere of a boot camp is a reason enough to love it, they’re often designed so that the group will push one another to complete what they normally wouldn’t if they were by themselves in a gym which really highlights the unexplainable and energetic atmosphere.

Exercise programs such as boot camps and training sessions can display an increased multitude of benefits. These will also include:

    Muscle Toning

    Further social engagement

    Build self-confidence

    Creating and building friendships

Exercise programs have evolved over the years, from your average and dull program in a gym to 2019’s new and improved program that incorporates individuals from all stages of fitness to jump out of their comfort zone and into a program that will send see them crawling on the hands and knees through the mud to using all their muscle power to turn over monster truck tires.  

So why not give a boot camp or training session a go this 2019? You might leave feeling a little bit sore and sweaty but the social and mental benefits will be incredible.

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