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Why challenging yourself can lead to personal growth?

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Everyone is confronted with challenges in their lives. Often, challenges occur when we are striving for success but the fear of losing, or not succeeding in our goals hold us back. Most of the time it’s when we try something we’ve never done before, and our personal fears become our greatest hurdles and challenges to overcome.

If you never challenge yourself, how can you grow?

Sometimes we may find ourselves stuck in a bit of a rut, stuck in our everyday routine and comfort zone. Spicing up that brain-numbing lifestyle can be easily done through personal and professional challenges. Setting challenges can motivate and drive you to incorporate new mindsets to problems. Overcoming these challenges can provide you with a new perspective and can create new life experiences that can foster growth.

What happens if you DO challenge yourself?

There are countless positive impacts when it comes to successfully challenging yourself, but the best ones are the personal and professional benefits you can attain when overcoming your challenges. What usually stops us in achieving our challenges and goals is the fear of failure and the idea that the effort we put in may come to no real reward at the end. Ever heard the saying, “nothing worth having comes easy”? Well, it’s true! The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. Facing challenges will intellectually, morally and physically enhance your life. Your self-esteem and resilience will be strengthened as you learn new skills and acquire new knowledge in tackling challenges and new experiences. Overcoming the unknown provides a sense of excitement and fun that gives you that drive to conquer it! By setting challenges, you’ll redefine yourself completely. As you grow internally, people will see it on the outside. You’ll gain stronger relationships with others as you become more enthusiastic and able to communicate with others on a more refined level.

It is said that people who challenge themselves every day are more successful. This is because they are constantly discovering and learning new things. Personal growth develops confidence and can help in your personal and professional lives. Camps are a perfect place to challenge yourself as you are confronted with new challenges in a group setting; whereby you are forced to make new friends, participate in challenging activities, learn independence and adapt to new environments.

Nothing happens when you do nothing, so challenge yourself and see where you can go!

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